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First Day Blogging

February 16, 2008

“The Write Food”… there. It is official. My blog has been named and I quite like it! I do not think it to be daft and in fact, I would say that it quite nicely captures my interests in writing, reading and – of course – all things food. So, you’d think with a snappy name like this, I might possibly be a good writer. Well, if you haven’t already figured this out – you will. I am neither an expert in the art of writing nor in the art of food. Fact is, I am quite the novice when it comes to food (although certainly an expert in food appreciation!) and I have little experience in blog writing, journaling, or anything that is not submitted in APA and doesn’t include a deadline. Quite honestly, I am putting this down as experience. I am now ‘officially’ a blogger.

So this is Day 1 in the world of food blogging and to be honest, I have no clear purpose or vision. Do I need a vision? a clear and well-defined purpose? Upon perusing a long list of food blogs, purpose seems to be everywhere! Who knew there would be a blog specifically dedicated to cupcakes! I’m impressed. So it is my goal to develop this blog into a ‘purposeful blog’. Or, at least, make it somewhat coherent to give the impression of a purposeful blog. My feeling is that the latter will win this round.

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