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A quick note…

February 22, 2008

This blog is a work in progress – as of couse all blogs are – so bear with  me as I plod along and learn to become a better blogger. I am grateful for any tips & suggestions, too!

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  1. March 1, 2008 2:51 PM

    Can I just say, this is the tastiest blog I’ve read yet. I’m LOVIN’ it! And you are so full of baloney when you say you are not an expert writer. I think you are very pleasant to read, folksy even, in an urbane kind of way. And I say that knowing you hail from the industrial streets of Rotterdam. I also know you are very artistic, so I’m waiting to see if you add a “food stylings” section to your food blog. If anyone can make food look hip it is you my friend.

    Here’s an egg dish from my Spaniard hubby, Jose: Tortilla de Patata. And I warn you, these are his exact words, so they might not be all that clear. And he’s just like his mom – he doesn’t help you out by giving you amounts. He just says things like “a bunch of eggs” or “take some onions” so I’ve added clarifications in brackets. Anyway, here goes:

    “You take a bunch of eggs [six or so?], warm them to room temperature, and take out an iron skillet. Warm it up [the skillet] with olive oil in it – enough to coat the bottom. Take some potatoes [4 to 5 medium yukons?] – preferably the kind that won’t fall apart, like the more waxy kind – and cube them, small cubes [1 to 2 inches]. Then you want to fry them [the potato cubes] in the oil – not so they’re french fry crispy, but just till they’re softened. While those are frying, chop up some onions [one medium yellow or white onion], then throw these into the frying potatoes. Once they’re as soft as you want them[the potatoes and onions], take them out of the skillet and put them on a plate w/ a paper towel so the oil will soak off. Wipe the skillet, add more oil. Then crack your eggs into a bowl and beat them. Put the potato mixture into the eggs, plus some salt & pepper, and mix it up. Then pour your egg etc. mixture into the skillet. Cook this like you’re cooking an omelet – cooking one side. Run your spatula around the edges as it starts to firm up. Once the edges look like they’re starting to brown, but the center is still slightly wet, take a plate big enough to cover the skillet, put this face down on top of the skillet, flip the skillet over so the tortilla goes onto the plate, then put the skillet back down. If this turned out kind of messy, you might want to wipe out the skillet and add more oil. Slide your tortilla back into the skillet, this time to cook the other side. Once side 2 is done cooking, take it out and put it on a clean plate. Cut into wedges, add more salt & pepper if you want and serve it with LOTS of mayonaise smeared on top. And a stout cup of coffee.” Yumola!

  2. March 6, 2008 4:48 PM

    Stay tuned my friend. Stay tuned… one Tortilla de Patata coming up!

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