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International food magazines

March 6, 2008

cover_dish.jpgDish Magazine CoverDish Magazine Cover

It has been a bit since my last post. I of course had a weekend planned to cook up the suggested egg dishes (sound very yummy by the way so thank you!) and as things go in life – we spent Saturday at home nursing our very ill toddler and Sunday in ER. Now, all is well in the household again (although we are all a little exhausted!) and I will attempt egg dish nr. 1 this weekend!

On to another note, I posted on the Chowhound site ( a question on what recommendations people have when it comes to reading and/or perusing international food magazines. This stirred quite a bit of discussion and I thought I’d post some of the recommendations. They are of course insanely expensive to subscribe to and if you can get it at the regular B&N or Borders, it would be quite a bit cheaper (still about $10!). However, some of these magazines can turn into some serious food art for the kitchen (now I just need a kitchen to go with my food art…)

In no particular order:

  1. Donna Hay (aus.)
  2. Olive (uk)
  3. Waitrose (uk)
  4. Vogue Entertaining & Travel (aus.)
  5. Elle a Table (fr.)
  6. Australian Gourmet Traveler
  7. Dish (nz)
  8. Delicious. (aus.)

I’d really like to expand this list so suggestions are welcome!

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