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Simply Sugar

March 7, 2008

I really like the simplicity of this picture. I took this photo today and as simple as it is (a heaping of powdered sugar), I really think the contrast is quite nice. This was taken in prep for tonight’s blueberry pancakes.



March 6, 2008

If you haven’t already checked out you should! 

Free rice is a web game that has two goals: (1) to provide English vocabulary to everyone for free and (2) to help end world hunger by providing rice to hungry people for free. Play the game and for each correct answer, 20 grains of rice are donated to feed the hungry and poor through the UN World Food Program.

International food magazines

March 6, 2008

cover_dish.jpgDish Magazine CoverDish Magazine Cover

It has been a bit since my last post. I of course had a weekend planned to cook up the suggested egg dishes (sound very yummy by the way so thank you!) and as things go in life – we spent Saturday at home nursing our very ill toddler and Sunday in ER. Now, all is well in the household again (although we are all a little exhausted!) and I will attempt egg dish nr. 1 this weekend!

On to another note, I posted on the Chowhound site ( a question on what recommendations people have when it comes to reading and/or perusing international food magazines. This stirred quite a bit of discussion and I thought I’d post some of the recommendations. They are of course insanely expensive to subscribe to and if you can get it at the regular B&N or Borders, it would be quite a bit cheaper (still about $10!). However, some of these magazines can turn into some serious food art for the kitchen (now I just need a kitchen to go with my food art…)

In no particular order:

  1. Donna Hay (aus.)
  2. Olive (uk)
  3. Waitrose (uk)
  4. Vogue Entertaining & Travel (aus.)
  5. Elle a Table (fr.)
  6. Australian Gourmet Traveler
  7. Dish (nz)
  8. Delicious. (aus.)

I’d really like to expand this list so suggestions are welcome!

A quick note…

February 22, 2008

This blog is a work in progress – as of couse all blogs are – so bear with  me as I plod along and learn to become a better blogger. I am grateful for any tips & suggestions, too!

Plain & Simple

February 21, 2008

Coming from Holland, I am accustomed to eating eggs for breakfast, lunch and dinner.  Or, if not eggs, the basic cheese & bread combo. However, I have to admit that my egg consumption is rather boring. I like my eggs scrambled and usually, the plainer the better.  Sure, I like the occassional journey of herb or vegetable ingredients into my egg dishes, maybe some chives, but sadly, there are days that I just want eggs…. plain and simple.

This weekend I am assigning myself the pleasure (or task, depending on how it goes!) of making an egg dish that works for a Sunday breakfast. Should you stumble across this blog (does one stumble across a blog??) and have a great egg dish stashed somewhere, please share it & I will attempt to make it. If I can make it ahead, even better!!


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A truly delicious sandwich

February 16, 2008

The past few Sundays, I have developed a craving for roast beef sandwiches at my neigborhood bakery. Not just any roast beef sarnie though… this one comes with freshly baked crisp yet warm bread served with layers of richly colored roast beef, caramalized red onion, arugula, and plenty more mouthwatering organic ingredients. From the kitchens of Corner Table and Rustica, this delicious bite is worth every penny.  Served with a cup of Java and a crisp New York Times from the corner store, a better Sunday afternoon is hard to find here in southwest minneapolis. Rustica @ 816 W. 46th Street, Minneapolis, Mn 55419

Rustica Sandwich 

First Day Blogging

February 16, 2008

“The Write Food”… there. It is official. My blog has been named and I quite like it! I do not think it to be daft and in fact, I would say that it quite nicely captures my interests in writing, reading and – of course – all things food. So, you’d think with a snappy name like this, I might possibly be a good writer. Well, if you haven’t already figured this out – you will. I am neither an expert in the art of writing nor in the art of food. Fact is, I am quite the novice when it comes to food (although certainly an expert in food appreciation!) and I have little experience in blog writing, journaling, or anything that is not submitted in APA and doesn’t include a deadline. Quite honestly, I am putting this down as experience. I am now ‘officially’ a blogger.

So this is Day 1 in the world of food blogging and to be honest, I have no clear purpose or vision. Do I need a vision? a clear and well-defined purpose? Upon perusing a long list of food blogs, purpose seems to be everywhere! Who knew there would be a blog specifically dedicated to cupcakes! I’m impressed. So it is my goal to develop this blog into a ‘purposeful blog’. Or, at least, make it somewhat coherent to give the impression of a purposeful blog. My feeling is that the latter will win this round.